Importing speed camera data

MySpeed automatically downloads speed camera data as needed so that it works without you needing to do anything.

However, if you have a source of speed camera data that you'd like to use with MySpeed, then you can import it.

There is an option on the import page "Only use imported data". If this is selected then only data imported on this screen are used - the automatically downloaded speed cameras are not used.

MySpeed supports four formats of speed camera data:

OV2 data are sets of files separated according to type. Each type has its own image. Sygic's UPI format is similar to OV2 format.

Copy the files to the "MySpeed" folder on the sdcard then choose the "Import" function on the application menu. This will show the import dialog where you can choose which files to import, and whether to delete data before importing and files after importing.

On the import dialog you can choose the type of each file you want to import from the following types:

  • CSV - a CSV file as described below
  • KML - a KML file
  • Speed - an OV2 file containing camera's that are activated by speed
  • Red light - an OV2 file containing red light camera's
  • Section - an OV2 file containing section camera's

For the OV2 files you can optionally enter speed in the box.

MySpeed will attempt to guess the type of each file, but you should check that this is correct before importing. If in doubt, use "Speed". The type of all files that you have imported is stored in a file called import.xml in the same folder as the import files.

Files of type CSV should be in the following format:


Where X is longitude, Y is latitude, speed is the speed that the camera operates at, the last two columns are not used, and type is one of the following values:

1 - fixed speed camera locations
2 - combined red light and speed camera's
3 - fixed red light camera locations
4 - section camera positions
5 - lasers, hand-held radars and other mobile speed camera locations
6 - railway crossing
7 - not constant mobile locations

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