How it works

MySpeed shows a map with your current location displayed as a small dot and a line showing your track. The map will be rotated so that your direction of travel is towards the top of the map.

If your location has a low accuracy there will be a circle around it to show the accuracy.
If you are near a speed camera it will show a visible and audible alert.

If you enter your route, it will only alert for cameras within 20m of your route.

The distance at which it alerts are based on your speed, not the speed indicated by the speed camera, using the following table:
up to 30km/h (18 mph): 100m
up to 60km/h (37 mph): 250m
up to 80km/h (50 mph): 350m
over 80km/h (50 mph): 500m

The distance is calculated as the reported distance minus the reported accuracy. This means that considering the accuracy you are definitely within the required range.

The alert will be cleared when there are no more cameras within 500m. If you clear the camera notification by clicking "Clear notifications" it will alert again when a camera comes into range again, which may be immediately.

You can choose the sound for camera notifications. Note that the list contains alarms, ringtones and notification sounds. Some of these sounds, especially ringtones, will loop until the notification is cancelled. There is another setting "Don't loop" which causes the sound to only be played once even if it's a looping sound. You can also choose the volume of the notification. In the case of looping sounds, regardless of the "Don't loop" settings, the volume will only be adjusted for the first time round the loop.

There is a setting "Run in background" which tells MySpeed to continue alerting when near speed cameras and recording the track (if configured) when it is no longer visible. It will stop running in the background if there is no GPS signal with an accuracy of better than 100m for 10 minutes or if you stop it with the status bar notification.

MySpeed is quite heavy on battery use so it's best to plug it in to a power source when in use.

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