Terms Of Use

Use sensibly.

Do not operate while driving.

Do not use where prohibited by law.

Respect the conditions of the downloaded data.

The author is not responsible for the accuracy or validity of data.

The author is not liability for any damages incurred by using or attempting to use the software.

MySpeed is a free app that is supported by adverts provided by AdMob. Your location may be used to provide relevant adverts.

In order to improve MySpeed your usage patterns are sent to Google Analytics for analysis. No personal information is collected and the data is anonymously aggregated.

MySpeed can be configured to display maps that are downloaded from the internet. This may incur high data usage so you should have a data plan that covers it.

MySpeed can be configured to run in the background when the app is not visible on the screen. In this case it will continue to record tracks and alert when approaching speed cameras, if configured to do so.

MySpeed can be configured to record a track of your location. The track is stored in a secure database on your device until you choose to delete it. The track can be exported to the sdcard where it is accessible to anyone who can access the device.

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