Your track is displayed on the map. This is the route you have followed in the current session (period of visibility). It only shows parts of the track that are determined using GPS positioning (i.e. not those parts using wireless positioning). "Record track" can be turned off in "Settings".

MySpeed will also record your track for later export. This can also be turned off in "Settings".

From the "Export" menu you can export the tracks to CSV, KML or GPX format, and delete the track. Exported tracks are written to the external storage (SD card) in the "MySpeed" folder.

The CSV export includes your speed and location at frequent intervals along your route. There's a link to Google Maps so that you can easily check the location. The "date/time" column shows your date/time in UTC.

The tracks are stored on the phone's internal memory and this may take a large amount of storage space. The amount of space used by the database, and the amount of free internal memory, are displayed on the export screen. It's recommended that you export and delete the tracks at frequent intervals, e.g. once a month. MySpeed will notify you if it's using a lot of space.

Note the terms of use of this program: the author does not claim that the data is correct. You may be able to validate your speed and location at a particular time to your own satisfaction, but this information has no validity for any third party.

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